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DIVESTMENT and Asset Management implemented in the Food and drinks.

DESINVESTIMENTO e Gestão de Ativos implementado no segmento de ALIMENTOS e BEBIDASCASE DE SUCESSO
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DIVESTMENT and Asset Management implemented in the FOOD and BEVERAGE segment.




Develop and structure DIVESTMENT and Asset Management actions after the MERGER process of Brazilian companies, leaders in the segment where they operate, with operations in the national market and in several other countries in Latin America.



At a certain point, leading companies in the segment decided on the FUSION of their operations. As a result, several assets have become redundant or unnecessary, either operationally (eg: 2 factories in the same region with excess production capacity) or economically.

In view of the new conditions, some of the companies' objectives had to be redesigned almost instantly.
For example, DISINVEST and Manage the optimization and use of assets in order to immediately make possible a significant reduction in the costs of production and distribution of products, has become as important as the development of market strategies, sales and distribution volumes. Milestone of a new and important moment in companies.


The first step was to create a team of experienced professionals with exclusive dedication to the project to develop and present a Complete and Structured Model to address the subject of DISINVESTMENT and Asset Management that would certainly be made available in more than 40 Units installed in Brazil and in other countries of LA, with different needs and destinations, but within the same criteria and with well-defined policies.



Definition and implementation of important guidelines for the subject:

1 - The preservation of the characteristics and the competitive advantages of companies in the market where they operate. Do not favor competition;
2 - The strengthening of barriers for new entrants;
3 - Mandatory the generation of positive results for the new Organization with assertive and adequate treatment about "what", "how" and "when" DISINVEST.
4 - Identification and classification as to the destination of existing assets after the merger.
5 - Identification of opportunities for DIVESTMENT (sale of assets), internal transfers, recycling or scrapping of assets.
6 - Implementation of the opportunities identified


The benefits captured by DIVESTMENT and Asset Management were enormous, making it possible to carry out projects for technical improvements, production processes, product quality, as well as important practices in the management of Industrial and Product Distribution Units with irrelevant investments, however, with relevant results and expressive gains indicated in the economic and financial indicators of the new company.

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