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  • The company: An HR Tech startup

  • Focus: Mentoring in People Management

  • The group involved: Partners responsible for managing the company





In its third year of existence, the company was at risk. High turnover, low engagement, dispersion of focus and internal questions were clear indicators that teams were dissatisfied with leadership and the negative impact of these indicators on results could lead to the company's closure.


Faced with this crisis situation, it became necessary to leave some leaders and, consequently, to reorganize the administrative structure. In the new context, three partners, young entrepreneurs and idealists, were responsible for leading a process of strong change in management. In this process, the objectives were: to restore the organization's health and lead it to a level of expressive results, very challenging but feasible goals within the conditions that the economy in general and the specific market provided.  




In the plan defined to revitalize the company, the partners decided that the first step would be to build the Organizational Identity (set of purpose, mission, vision and values). Once this stage was completed, they understood that they needed to strengthen their skills in People Management in order to optimize the performance of the teams and engage them in achieving the organization's purpose and goals.


In this context, we were asked to support the partners responsible for management, which we did with an initial discussion on essential principles in People Management, followed by fortnightly Mentoring sessions addressing mainly the aspects of hiring, developing and engaging teams.




1 - Preparation and discussion of a conceptual material describing Principles and Actions for People Management, with the following topics:  

  • The basic goals of People Management

  • The responsibility of the person led for professional development

  • The nobility in the role of the leader

  • The importance, for self-esteem, of having a job, a job

  • Feedback


2 - Conducting fortnightly Mentoring sessions for the three partners, with the main objective of developing in them a strong competence in People Management.




The work of the leaders has been very successful and allowed them to regain control of the organization, ensuring the focus and engagement of everyone, an even more challenging objective in the virtual environment that the pandemic has imposed on the vast majority of companies. They also improved communication (internal and external), hiring quality and retention capacity. With this combination of positive factors, the results have been continuously strengthened and raised the company's reputation in the HR Techs market.


In short, confirmation of the fundamental importance of good People Management for the success of companies, in any sector, of any size, anywhere.

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