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DNA of an HR Tech's Success

case O DNA do sucesso de uma HR Tech

The DNA of an HR Tech's Success




The company: An HR Tech startup


The focus: Defining the successful DNA for the company, based on an Organizational Identity structure.




Inspire and support partners in the construction of DNA elements (Purpose, Mission, Vision and Values), aiming to create the basis of a management model to make the company successful, and accompany them in the implementation and consolidation of this DNA.




At a certain point, the partners began to notice situations that put the company's continuity at risk, such as:

  • lack of clarity of the organization's objectives;

  • little engagement and commitment from the team;

  • high staff turnover generating costs for the business;

  • very high volume of internal inquiries.


In short, the realization that a very different environment had been created from the one at the beginning of the operation, when everyone was highly motivated and engaged by an excellent idea and excited by the expectation of rapid personal and professional growth.


Given the circumstances, the partners decided to transform the management, reviewing the strategy and the relationship with their team, because they realized that the existing difficulties could lead to the closing of the company.


The first step was to seek outside help to identify where they were failing with their team and identify why they had lost the team spirit and motivation at the start of the operation and the reasons why they were no longer able to retain their team.


After a situational analysis of the startup, it was observed that it was essential for the partners to identify and put into practice the organization's DNA, defining:

  • The purpose/reason for its existence

  • For what and to whom were they offering their services

  • How they would like to be perceived and, finally, what values should guide them in running the company.




1) Elaboration of the elements of the Startup's Organizational Identity, its DNA of success - PURPOSE - MISSION - VISION - VALUES


Support the implementation of this DNA, with the following objectives:


  • Communicate to everyone the direction to go

  • Inspire and guide behaviors and decisions

  • Create a link between the employee and the organization and between employees

  • Facilitate alignment between the different areas of the organization

  • Encourage pride in belonging

  • Distinguish the company in the market

  • Guide performance and encourage employee engagement

  • Use it as an essential fuel for success

  • Generate an extremely positive impact on the company's results... Whatever the results sought.





The benefits achieved in the process of elaboration and constitution of the Organizational Identity were enormous, making it possible to regain control of the organization and providing accelerated growth in results; revenue tripled, Employer Branding was strengthened, the quality of hirings was greatly improved, collaborative work was intensified, even more challenging in times of pandemic, and the company became more relevant in the HR Techs market.


In short, a combination of a challenging DNA, well constructed and well communicated, and a good execution in People Management... A fundamental mindset for a successful journey.


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