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Executive Allocation - What is it and how does it work?

Francisco Ruga - Executive Partner DMS Partners

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Turn Challenges into Savings: The Smart Financial Solution for Small and Medium Businesses


Are you a small or medium business owner facing management challenges?

Do you have relevant and urgent projects, but do not have labor or knowledge available in your company? Are you letting your competitor grow, even though you know you can deliver new products and/or services to your customers?

Are you considering hiring a new executive to help drive your growth of your company? Before you dive into the traditional hiring process, allow us to introduce you to a smarter, faster, and more cost-effective alternative: DMS Partners Executive Placement .

The Challenge of Traditional Hiring:

Hiring an experienced executive can be a time-consuming and expensive process,

especially for small and medium-sized companies. In addition to the base salary, you need consider a series of charges and benefits, such as FGTS, INSS, vacations, 13th salary, between others. These additional costs can quickly accumulate and weigh on your company's budget, especially if you don't hire the professional correctly, the cost could even triple.

The Solution: DMS Partners Executive Allocation:

This is where DMS Partners Executive Allocation shines. Instead of hiring a full-time executive, you can have access to highly qualified and experienced professionals for a set period of time, focused on an urgent project to meet the specific needs of your company or even a need eventual. This approach offers a number of advantages:

** LOW COST :** By opting for Executive Allocation, you avoid high costs associated with a CLT contract. Check the comparison table below to understand the difference: (Y-yes applies) (N-does not apply).

** Flexibility :** With Executive Allocation, you have the flexibility to hire the professional for the period necessary to achieve their objectives, whether for a specific project or to help train leadership.

** Immediate Expertise :** DMS Partners executives are experienced professionals,

with solid knowledge in their areas of expertise. They can bring insights valuable and quickly contribute to the success of your company, without the need for a long adaptation period.

** Focus on Results :** The allocated executives are committed to delivering tangible results for your company. They work with clear and objective goals, ensuring a measurable return on investment. Our projects are continuously monitored through specific KPIs, such as cost reduction, increased operational efficiency and improved customer satisfaction.

** Strategic Partnerships :** We work in partnership with representation in the

market and renowned institutions, offering access to an exclusive network of resources and knowledge that can provide your business with competitive advantages.

** Multidisciplinary Experience **Our team is made up of professionals with

proven experience in various functional areas and industries, ensuring a

multidisciplinary approach that adapts perfectly to the specific needs of the

your company.

** Knowledge Transfer ** It is one of the great benefits of Allocation of

Executives at DMS Partners. By working directly with your team, our experienced executives share their skills, knowledge and best practices, training your employees and raising your company’s level of expertise. In short, the executive comes in, carries out the project, trains and/or transmits the knowledge and leaves.


DMS Partners Executive Allocation is the smart choice for small and medium-sized companies seeking high-level expertise without the costs and bureaucracy of traditional hiring. By having access to experienced and flexible professionals, you can drive your company's growth more efficiently and cost-effectively.

Don't waste any more time and resources on costly hiring. Get in touch with DMS Partners, clicking on the image below today and discover how Executive Allocation can transform the management of your company!!!!!!

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