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Francisco Ruga – Executive Partner of DMS PARTNER

Managing small and medium-sized businesses can be challenging. Among the main problems faced by these companies in Brazil are bureaucracy, the high tax burden, complex labor legislation that limits hiring, the lack of infrastructure that makes all logistical operations more expensive and also the lack of preparation on the part of entrepreneurs in relation to to company management.

To overcome these challenges, it is important for entrepreneurs to seek improvement and management training. With the necessary technical knowledge, it is easier to manage issues involving finance, marketing, human capital, strategic planning, in addition to the development of new products and services.

Efficient and lean management is essential for business growth and success. To prevent the company from becoming part of mortality statistics, it is necessary to identify each deviation and then seek definitive solutions to correct the errors.

According to a survey carried out by the human resources solutions company Infojobs, 84.1% of the companies interviewed are having more difficulty hiring professionals than in years before the pandemic. The lack of qualifications is still a major challenge for companies, with 62.6% of respondents highlighting that finding qualified professionals is the biggest challenge.

Furthermore, the shortage of trained professionals is a problem faced by 83.23% of the companies surveyed, followed by deficiencies in basic training and experience in holding the position, with 58.08% and 47.90%, respectively.

In recent years, DMS PARTNERS has studied this management and solutions market for small and medium-sized companies, as well as its competitors, to understand customer needs. We have established a UNIQUE offer in a market that offers well-targeted solutions to the pain points of its customers, whether they are individuals or companies. After all, the service or product must be known for excellence, as it is implied that our company is an expert on the subject. Once again, by understanding these opportunities, we improve what can be improved and/or offer differently.

Within this context, we develop customized solutions meeting the critical and urgent demands of companies, respecting cultural aspects, through the transfer of knowledge.

Who we are?

DMS PARTNERS is led by a group of professionals who have held executive roles with recognized success in national and/or global companies, of different sizes and segments.

Professionals who lead or work on projects have proven experience in conducting and managing business operations in various industries and functional areas.

Support management in an effective, agile, pragmatic and transformative way.

What makes us different?

Experience acquired and cultural experience

• Acceleration of quick wins projects

• Agents of change and transformation

• Help solve inefficiencies and/or problems

• High competence with past experience

• Support leaders in defining. a strategy in case of sale/merger

• Work together with the current administration of the company to support the implementation, in a planned and organized way, of the action plan generated by it

• Operating in various market segments

• Work together and/or guide the management team

• Objective assessment of the organization

• Building and integrating teams

• Flexible contract and no cancellation penalties

• Takes time to listen to managers and employees

• Immediate hiring availability

• Operational due diligence

• Enter, execute, transfer and exit

• Experience, maturity and leadership

• Focus on specific growth initiatives

• Strong knowledge transfer model

• Strong analytical and diagnostic vision

• Independence for decision making

• Investment fully defined before starting the project

• Operating model according to the client’s needs “Full time” or “part time”

• Remuneration model does NOT involve: overtime, bonuses, credit cards, food vouchers, cars, life insurance, health insurance, etc.

• Succession plans

• Remuneration per day worked

• Exceeding customer expectations

• Chart a path for the company’s future

• Knowledge transfer

• Strategic vision and operational experience

• External view with different perspectives

• Experience in different cultural processes

• Zero labor risk


Innovative operating processes

(1) Transforming projects into structuring actions

Allocations of senior professionals to develop specific diagnostic work in a priority area required by the Client, resulting in from work to generating a specific action plan with goals, deadlines and those responsible.

(2) Supporting C-level Management / Board of Directors

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