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Reduction or elimination of the investment made in partial or total structures of a company, with the objective of guaranteeing future health for its businesses.

Why divest?

  • Raising capital as a solution to reduce indebtedness

  • Optimize the operating model of the company as a whole

  • Raising capital to invest in the company's core business

  • Free up capital to invest in new businesses

  • Raising capital to invest in new technologies

  • Improve asset management through strategic partnerships

  • Transform fixed costs into variables

  • Optimize and rationalize spaces

Which assets may be disinvested?

  • The company itself and its entire structure (total sale)

  • Part of the company or business units (partial sale)

  • Real estate (industrial areas, warehouses, sites, houses,

  • farms, apartments and others, in short, everything that can be made available)

  • Machines and Equipment in different areas and applications

  • Installations and utilities

  • Inventories and Inventories: Finished Products + Raw Material + Inputs + Obsolete Materials + Slow Moving and No Moving

  • Vehicles

  • Furniture and utensils

  • Hardware and Software

  • Materials and Equipment for IN and OUT Logistics Operations

  • Assets in third parties

What would be the destination of the assets made available?

  • Selling to third parties

  • Internal or External Transfer

  • Recycling

  • Scrapping

How can DMS Partners help you?

Our highly trained professionals with recognized experience in structuring divestment projects can support your company in the different phases of the operation, offering our services in areas such as:

  • Identification and validation of assets subject to divestment

  • Classification of the possible destination for the Available Asset

  • Proposition and validation of the allocation of available assets

  • Evaluation of the estimated value of the available asset (“valuation”)

  • Support in the possible accounting implications of the divestment of the

  • available asset (carried out by the company's accounting / auditing department or by contracted third parties)

  • Identification and validation of possible buyers for the assets available for sale

  • Preparation of prospectus (teaser) of assets available for sale

  • Presentation of assets to potential buyers

  • Selection and validation of the best buyers

  • Negotiating the sale of assets

  • Closing sale of assets

  • Logistics management of divested materials


2020 Global Corporate Divestment Study

Ernst & Young

  • +1000 C-Level executives and 25 global activist investors interviewed

  • 95% of Brazilian executives surveyed think they have kept assets in their portfolios for longer than they should

  • 86% of Brazilian companies intend to divest in the next 24 months

  • 100% of companies in Latin America (including those heard in Brazil) consider divestment as a solution to reduce debt

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