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Management support tool, offered to businesses to promote an understanding of their ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) panorama, risk management and the proactive transformation of the company.

DMS' ESG Solution can help a company to conceive of its purpose, map its ESG footprint and impact, and develop a Commitment Plan, taking into account what is feasible and necessary as the organization matures.



Why adopt ESG practices?

  • Growing generation of consumers and talents who consider purpose as important or more important than gains;

  • Climate change at the center of international discussions;

  • Accelerated change of laws and regulations;

  • Social and environmental aspects such as opportunities to reduce risks, differentiate from the competition and increase business;

  • Preserving the planet, having social engagement and adopting governance practices, in addition to being the right thing to do, bring benefits to the company's image and business. They can be decisive for its perpetuity.

What are the main opportunities?

  • Reflect on the company's principles and strategic intent;

  • To increase the generation of perceptible value for all stakeholders, practices are no longer optional and become requirements;

  • Align the agenda with what is a priority for the market and the corporate world;

  • Differentiating itself from the competition is crucial for choosing customers;

  • ESG is part of the evaluation criteria of companies;

  • Adopt metrics that show progress in the process and treatment of deviations.


How is the implementation going?

In modules, according to the organization's purpose and need:


  • Conceptual foundation;

  • Definition of the organization's purpose and targets;

  • Carrying out the ESG diagnosis, mapping of risks and materiality;

  • Alignment between “where I am” X “where I want to go”;

  • Construction and implementation of the Commitment Plan, in evolutionary stages;

  • Monitoring and feedback of the implemented plan, as per stakeholder requirements.


How can DMS Partners help you?

Our offering helps companies understand the ESG landscape, manage their risks and implement a transformation plan as per their maturity, purpose and need.

Our professionals, trained and with extensive experience in different segments, dimensions and profiles, can help your company to follow in a pragmatic and sustainable manner.

We offer  our services in areas such as:  

  • Environmental: construction and adoption of initiatives aimed at controlling pollution, impacts on biodiversity, climate change and restriction of water resources;

  • Social: establishment of guidelines that include all groups that relate to the company, considering diversity and inclusion;

  • Governance: establishment of corporate processes, covering the responsibilities and roles of the Board, managers and employees;

  • Commitment Plan: construction, implementation and monitoring of feasible plans that are compatible with the company's reality.


ESG Vision

  • The UN 2030 Agenda established 17 Sustainable Development goals;

  • In 2020, BlackRock, the world's largest fund manager, with management of R$44 trillion in assets (6x Brazil's GDP in 2020), announced that Sustainability would become a criterion for the manager's investment decisions;

  • PwC, in one of its reports, showed that by 2025, 57% of European assets  will be  allocated in funds that have ESG practices. In addition, 77% of European investors plan to stop buying “non-ESG” products in the next two years; 

  • According to Bloomberg, funds that adopt ESG strategies, increased their assets by 32% in 2020. The value reached a record of US$ 1.8 trillion and the trend is to grow more;

  • According to Anbima,  in 2020 there were around R$700 million in ESG funds, almost three times greater than the previous year;

  • Google Trends identified that interest in ESG in 2021 reached its highest level in 16 years. Demand was 4 times higher than last year's average and  13 times higher than in 2019.

Thiago Bethônico – Folha de São Paulo – 06/26/21

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