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PED - Dynamic Strategic Planning

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PED - Dynamic Strategic Planning


Implementation of a management support tool to face the challenges created by the continuously changing business context.
The development of a Dynamic Strategy, adhering to the company's principles, built and agreed with the leaders, will ensure the implementation and monitoring of sustainable business models for the most diverse scenarios.


Why make a Strategic Management Plan?


  • Realign vision, Mission and Strategic Management;

  • Ensure focus and resources on what is important to stakeholders;

  • Develop a dynamic and sustainable Business Model, with technical foundation and defined purposes;

  • Ensure the knowledge and commitment of leaders in the execution and monitoring of the validated Action Plan;

  • Ensure the engagement of teams to obtain the agreed results;


What are the main opportunities?


  • Reinforce the company's principles and strategic intent;

  • Increase noticeable value creation for stakeholders;

  • Introduce an integrated and dynamic management model, with internal processes adhering to the organization's challenges;

  • Fix gaps in dimensioning, profile and training of teams;


How are the results implemented?

  • Validation of the Action Plan, with the definition of goals, persons responsible, deadlines and expected results;

  • Continuous monitoring of the PDCA process performed monthly;

  • Definition of KPI's (tangible benefits);

  • Feedback of the Action Plan, due to any changes in the scenario.


How can DMS help?

Our highly trained professionals with recognized experience in TEAM PLANNING, MANAGEMENT AND CONDUCTING in several national and international companies  can support your company to transform constant challenges into opportunities to  sustainable growth.

We know because we've already been in your position.

We offer our services in areas such as:

  • Functional analysis with the entire internal and external customer chain

  • Guide and validate opportunities and threats to the business

  • Review the value proposition vis a vis strategic alignment

  • Produce OKR's structured with the Customer's culture and needs

  • Increase Customer Experience

  • Commit efforts to achieve established results


Market View

turn strategy into results


  • A survey carried out by a consulting firm in Brazil revealed the weakness in the management of medium-sized companies in Brazil, which are those that earn between R$ 4.8 million and R$ 300 million annually.

  • According to the survey, among the 100 companies interviewed, only 10% declared having a well-defined strategy for the next three to five years, with defined vision, mission, objectives and goals for the development of the business.

  • About 47.6% of the leaders interviewed pointed out that they do not have defined medium and long-term actions, but they see the need for strategic planning – which indicates that there is a lack of maturity in the management of medium-sized companies.

  • A structured management model is essential for the company to be able to make its employees direct efforts, in a joint and cohesive way, to achieve the defined objectives, improve work processes and generate knowledge to continue the expansion of the business.

Pablo Santana – Infomoney

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