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Refining the strategy for Go to Market

Refinando a estratégia para Go to MarketCASE DE SUCESSO
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Case de sucesso Refinando a estratégia para Go to Market DMS PARTNERS


Company that offers accessibility, with proprietary software, in the segment of services for commercial and / or residential condominiums, through a platform with a multifunctional and sustainable footprint for users. Promotes security, mobility, autonomy, flexibility, privacy and convenience (User friendly).


The initial objective was to evaluate the business model from the perspective of marketing and sales. Once the diagnosis is made, we define a Go to Market strategy with a main focus on Sales Channels and Digital Marketing.


The main critical points and / or bottlenecks of the business model were identified, compared with the target market and its characteristics of acquisition of new products / services, and alternative models were suggested, seeking to reduce friction in commercial actions. After this stage, the main initial risks of the business were identified and, through adjustments to the product and strategy, a modeling was achieved with a very low degree of risk. Once the adjustments in the business model were consolidated, scenarios were developed for the sales and digital marketing channels, in a personalized way for the client, making the business model scalable nationally.


MultiChannel Sales Strategy (definition and formatting of suggested sales channels)

Sales Operations Strategy (how to operate this multichannel sales scenario)


Sales Funnel (personalized sales funnel and all related processes)


Digital Marketing Strategy (suggested way forward to support consultative sales)

Results of

The business model was adjusted to alleviate the commercial frictions that initially existed and to make the national scale up viable, through the replication of the new formatted partner programs and the MVP sales machine. The initial risks were reduced strongly, without losing the power of direct action on the market, resulting in a more powerful and efficient business model.


Additionally, a digital marketing strategy was defined, with a good cost benefit and high reach, in order to activate the target audience with the right message, attracting them to a lead qualification space, constantly feeding the sales machine.

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