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Innovation Management and Models


Looking at growth challenges from a new perspective, promoting competitiveness and acceleration of new businesses.


Purposes to innovate


  • Seek efficiency and short-term incremental improvements (actions based on existing competition, reacting to threats)

  • Quickly test new products/processes/business model with a culture of learning, undertaking, seeking competitive advantage, reaching new markets and customers


Both are important and require different skills. Companies need to be ambidextrous! Optimize the present and think about the future.

What are the benefits of Innovation Management?


  • Make the company's ambitions viable

  • Connect with strategy when choosing challenges

  • Connect with market trends, future scenarios, sustainability vision and ecosystem performance

  • Identify, define and implement innovative practices that contribute to gains in performance, productivity, generation of new sources of revenue, cost reductions, increased customer portfolio, new market niches...

  • Evolve in the innovative process in agile concept, design thinking, MVPs and prototyping, in short cycles with risk minimization

  • Review the management model that allows for the incorporation of the new in an evolutionary and sustainable manner

  • Support leadership in cultural transformation

How can DMS help?

We support companies at any stage of maturity, in the right timing and measure of the organization, suited to the different needs (People, Process, Product), innovation models and the maturing of the company's culture.


Market View

According to McKinsey consultancy, history shows that companies that invested in innovation in times of crisis, outperform their peers during the recovery.

The challenges are diverse:

Fast evolving market, major changes in the competitive landscape and new business models


New forms of relationship with the consumer, B2B or B2C

Increased importance of sustainability

Existing model with low performance and success

Need to improve the skills and training of leaders to innovate, evolve the company's management and culture, in an agile and efficient manner.

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