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Operational Optimization and Tax Opportunities


Identify possible alternatives for optimizing industrial operations and product distribution in the national market. Additionally, seek a detailed understanding of the potential benefits and tax incentives offered by other states in Brazil, compared to those currently granted by the state/region where the company operates.

Main pains attended by this product


  • Inefficient operating model causing loss of quality and delays in the various stages of production and distribution.

  • Non-optimized production and/or distribution chain generating unnecessary costs and operational and fiscal inefficiency.

  • Misuse of potential tax/tax benefits

  • Loss of competitiveness against competitors

Main benefits of this product


  • Optimization of the company's operating model as a whole, generating potential cost savings and increasing operational efficiency.

  • Better use of possible existing tax/tax benefits, generating possible cash flow and working capital improvements.

  • Transforming fixed costs into variable costs.

  • Optimization and rationalization of spaces in industrial plants and/or administrative bases.

Profile of companies that can benefit from this product

Companies with manufacturing units that produce fully or partially finished products, where there is a large movement of materials and products between factories with products still in the intermediate stage, that is, semi-finished products that still depend on certain production processes. Manufacturing industry in general.

How can DMS help?

DMS Partners, through its senior partners team, coming from the most diverse industry segments and with solid knowledge in operational processes and flows, as well as in the tax area, have the necessary expertise to identify opportunities for improvement in the clients' operating model in order to provide them not only with better operational efficiency, but also tax efficiency.

Market View

A significant number of companies in the manufacturing industry segment do not have an optimized production and distribution chain that allows them to capitalize in the best possible way, better operational and fiscal efficiency in their operations


In a country with continental dimensions like Brazil, with different tax regimes and different benefits and tax incentives offered by some Federal Units, a careful assessment of potential tax/tax opportunities becomes an important factor for the success of companies.


The operating models that exist today are often inefficient, causing a negative impact on quality and delays in manufactured products.

Good operational and fiscal modeling, in addition to reducing costs and improving quality, can become a critical factor in a competitive differential.

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