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Who we are?

DMS Partners is led by a group of professionals with extensive experience in executive functions (C-Level) with recognized success in national and/or global companies, of different sizes and segments.


Senior professionals who lead or work on projects have proven experience in conducting and managing business operations in various industries and functional areas.


Management support in an effective, agile, pragmatic and transformative way.


What we do?

At DMS PARTNERS we operate on basically 5 pillars:

Fusions and acquisitions

Total or partial purchase and sale of companies

Joint Ventures and Strategic Partnerships


Allocation of Executives

We allocate senior professionals to create, review or execute management initiatives.


People & Management

We advise companies to optimize their results through actions linked to management efficiency and the development and engagement of people in the organization.

Executive Mentoring

We offer mentoring programs that help develop the skills of leaders with the aim of increasing their professional development


Management Solutions

We plan and implement Consulting Solutions in specific areas of Management, where our senior partners have great expertise and a track record of success in their professional careers.


What do we bring as a differentiator?

Strategic vision, seniority and operational experience

Pragmatic, knowledge-based and results-oriented approach.

Solutions that meet the “pains” and real demands of managers from different industries.

Availability to plan and implement recommended solutions.





Doing what is necessary is no longer a difference. We need to be unique and have the wisdom to anticipate market threats and opportunities, through contextual intelligence or through systemic analyzes of a sector.


Accumulate lived experiences to project impressions of the future, to stay one step ahead. Give new meaning to things and new ways to use what already exists.


The world is an infinity of sensitive impressions.

We perceive a part of these impressions, which are instantly filtered by our experience – culture, language, beliefs, values and interests.


We only perceive a small part of the whole, making sense of the world according to experience. Thus, the empirical precedes the rational.


A map is a drawing or symbol. It's someone's interpretation, it's not reality.


To know reality, you need to have lived and experienced the territory.


The map (perception) is the representation of the territory (reality).


We are explorers, creators of a safe space for experimentation,


At DMS PARTNERS we don’t just draw or design maps, we live in our clients’ territory.

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