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What is Executive Mentoring?

Executive mentoring is a strategy that consists of collaboration between experienced leaders and rising professionals, with the aim of facilitating the transfer of knowledge and guidance.

This strategy accelerates the personal and professional development of mentees.

One-on-one executive mentoring adapts to each professional's needs, develops specific skills, broadens perspectives and offers valuable insights from an experienced mentor.


For organizations, executive mentoring promotes the growth and retention of talent, increases productivity, promotes effective leadership and creates a culture of continuous learning and innovation.

What it means?

Dialogue between the MENTOREE, a professional who seeks to improve his or her skills, and the MENTOR, who has knowledge and experiences that qualify him or her to meet the MENTOREE's development needs.

mentoria executiva dms
resultados de uma MENTORIA DMS

Results of a
effective MENTORING

  • Improves performance, develops potential and broadens the MENTOREE's personal and professional horizons;

  • Contributes to the engagement and retention of MENTOREE and peers;

  • Indirectly, it contributes to the engagement and retention of the company's other professionals, who value companies committed to the development of their employees.

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Mentor Selection:

The first step is to choose a mentor from the list of DMS partners who meets your development needs and sign a confidentiality agreement between the parties. DMS can schedule an interview with up to three selected mentors to help you make your choice.

selecao de mentores dms

Creation of the Action Plan:

Once a mentor has been chosen, the two of you will work together to define the topics that will be covered during the mentoring sessions. These themes will be aligned with your goals, such as improving performance, potential or career.
You will also define an initial deadline for mentoring, the frequency and duration of meetings, the location where they will be held, which can be remote or in person, and the form of communication between you.

Execution of the Action Plan:

This is the phase where mentoring really begins. You and your mentor will work together to achieve established goals through discussions, guidance and practical activities. The process is structured, but also allows for some informality, depending on the needs of both parties.

conclusão plano de mentoria dms

Conclusion of Mentoring:

At the end of the mentoring, you will assess whether the objectives were achieved. You will receive and provide feedback to your mentor and thank them for their mentorship. The mentoring is then formally terminated, but can be followed by a new mentoring cycle, if necessary.

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O que é Mentoria?

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