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The mark must constitute its own territory

A marca deve constituir o seu território próprioCASE DE SUCESSO
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Company that offers accessibility, with proprietary software, in the segment of provision of services in commercial and / or residential buildings, through a platform with a multifunctional and sustainable footprint for users. Promotes security, mobility, autonomy, flexibility, privacy and convenience (User friendly).


It aimed to deepen the study in the knowledge and diagnosis of the business, market, competitors and target audience, in addition to structuring a strategy complementary to the business plan that served as a guiding instrument for the development of the brand with its vision of the future.


A unique name has been developed and we have leveraged your brand message to optimize links with your target audiences. We define Marketing Personas and their relationship in social media communication. This strategy was expressed through visual language and identity to provide clarity to different audiences and strengthen their image with people.


Brand Strategy


Brand Purpose


Naming (word mark)


Brand Language


Logo Design & Visual Identity


Playbook & Guideline (brand manuals).

Results of

A new purpose, a new name with proprietary language and visual identity, a differential and innovative concept that reveals the business. This business model took on a new dimension with language and competitiveness to position itself as a leader in the segment.


Valpirio Monteiro and Rafael Corrêa

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