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Current research identifies a clear and welcome shift in the job market: Wages and benefits are important but the company's DNA is increasingly becoming a prominent factor in deciding where to work. This is true for professionals in general, but it is a stronger feeling for new generations. Today's professionals ask, research... What is the contribution that the company makes to society, what do employees, customers, partners think about it?

This DNA typically includes the company's purpose, values, and the reputation it seeks to build within its ecosystem.

Why is winning DNA important in any organization?

  • Communicates to everyone the direction to follow, generating focus on what is relevant

  • Inspires and guides behaviors and decisions, routine or strategic

  • Creates a bond between the employee and the organization and between employees

  • Facilitates alignment between the different areas of the organization

  • Stimulates pride in belonging and engages people

  • Creates market differentials


In these times when the strength of the “employer brand” (Employer Branding) becomes a fundamental element to attract, engage and retain employees, it is essential that startups define, from the beginning, Purpose and Values, crucial components in the strategy of Employer Branding and strongly demanded by the new generations.

How to create successful DNA?

It is up to the startup's leaders to define the components and content of this document. Predominant practice includes:

  • PURPOSE - because the company exists, the cause in which it engages

  • VALUES - principles that guide the company's performance and that underlie the internal culture

  • MISSION - the products/services made and the benefits they offer

  • VISION - how it wants to be perceived by stakeholders

The content of each element must be constructed by the leaders based on joint reflections, preferably conducted by an external facilitator, on:

  1. the current and projected business scenarios;

  2. the contexts that impact the organization's current and future management

  3. the expectations and aspirations of all interested parties (stakeholders).

What benefit does creating DNA bring to startups?

It is this winning DNA that:

  • It will make a difference in the company's success, whatever the outcome considered

  • It will strengthen the perspective of the organization's perpetuity in line with the defined purpose

  • It will attract talents that integrate with the purpose, reducing turnover

  • It will bring market recognition of the organization's purpose

How can DMS help?

  • Professionals with experience in strategic areas of HR

  • Market and business vision to support startup growth

  • Adaptation and flexibility to the themes demanded by the company's moment

  • Team with proven experience and ability to apply to your context

Market View


“...only by creating a coherent and complete identity can organizations thrive in uncertainty, contribute to the world, deliver superior value and create meaning for employees.


Recent research conducted by Lewis Research and Insights with 2,600 participants from various countries, including Brazil, shows the following results:

For 66% of respondents, the company's values ​​are the determining factor in choosing an employer – For 19%, it is the company's leadership.

The three attributes most valued in a CEO are, in order: Vision, Determination, and Empathy.

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