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Business Intelligence



Introduce a tool for leveraging sustainable growth and supporting decision-making, which guarantees continuity and the ability to compete with the best in the sector.

Why implement a Business Intelligence solution?


  • Allow decision making with speed and quality, with consequent improvements in controls and efficiency of operation, strategic analysis of information and performing relevant communication for all users:

  • Updated and reconciled information in a friendly format for quick and assertive decision making;

  • Single database - managers with the best information in a few clicks;

  • Constant monitoring of the company, in addition to relevant indicators for taking action on the main processes of each department;

  • End of rework - the panels are updated automatically with the addition of new data (incremental information);

  • Simplifies the analysis of operations with all levels of complexity (Syntactic and Analytical);

  • End of operational rework.

  • What are the main opportunities for managers?

  • Accurate diagnoses favoring the reduction of costs and the added value of operations;

  • Full vision of the business with strategic and operational perspectives;

  • Proactive management to correct problems;

  • Greater perception of market gaps and search for better results.


How can DMS Partners help you?


Our highly trained professionals with recognized experience in Business Intelligence solutions can support your company in the following activities:


  • Structuring and reorganizing business information for the use of data in the day-to-day operation;

  • Review of processes and definition of improvement opportunities;

  • Treatments and modeling of the various sources of information;

  • Implementation of the entire solution (Design, Extraction, Modeling, Calculations, Visuals, Distribution and Automation);

  • Trainings;

  • Transition process respecting the culture of the company served;

  • Support the management of the operation, analysis of information and the identification of opportunities.


The importance of using data in the management of a company.

Customer feedback:

  • “It allows you to think about the business in a complete way”

  • "The cool thing is that you tie all the ends of the deal"

  • "You either have data or you don't have a company"

  • “This project in a multinational company would take 3 months to start”

  • “It is unthinkable to go back to work as before”

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