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Managing small and medium-sized businesses can be challenging. Among the main problems faced by these companies in Brazil are bureaucracy, the high tax burden, complex labor legislation that limits hiring, the lack of infrastructure that makes all logistical operations more expensive and also the lack of preparation on the part of entrepreneurs in relation to to company management.

To overcome these challenges, it is important for entrepreneurs to seek improvement and management training. With the necessary technical knowledge , it is easier to manage issues involving finance, marketing, human capital, strategic planning, in addition to the development of new products and services.

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What is it
Allocation of Executives?

Executive allocation is a well-structured, strategic and very flexible process that aims to hire qualified external professionals who will work with the company's current leadership to meet critical needs, at times when the company does not want or cannot hire someone in full-time. It is an intelligent, quick and safe solution to find the solution to your problems.


What is not part of hiring an Executive Assignment?

The allocation of DMS executives is NOT a recruitment process to replace certain vacant positions, that is, it is NOT an interim manager hiring.

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Who we are?

DMS PARTNERS is led by a group of professionals who have held executive roles with recognized success in national and/or global companies, of different sizes and segments.

Professionals who lead or work on projects have proven experience in conducting and managing business operations in various industries and functional areas.

Management support in an effective, agile, pragmatic and transformative way.

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What does it mean objectively?

We develop customized solutions, making the entire experience of our partners available, meeting the critical and urgent demands of companies, respecting cultural aspects, through the transfer of knowledge.

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How do we act?

How does the Executive Allocation process work?

Stage 1 – Presentation of the challenges by the company to DMS

Stage 2 – Presentation and selection of DMS professionals

Step 3 – Understanding the scope and aligning priorities

Stage 4 – Presentation of the technical and commercial proposal

Step 5 – Hiring

Projects can have the following configurations:

(1) Business Diagnosis

Allocations of senior professionals in the company to develop specific diagnostic work in a priority/critical area

demanded by the Client, resulting in a complete analysis of the challenges encountered. Once validated, a specific action plan is created with goals, deadlines and people responsible.

(2) Implementation of the Diagnosis supporting C-level Management / Board

Once the diagnosis has been structured, the DMS professional will work together with the company's current administration to help management in the process of implementing the agreed goals, in an optimized, planned and organized way, using all their acquired experience and in accordance with the action plan generated by it.


Note: We can develop project 1 or 2 (in this case diagnosis already carried out by another company) and the combined projects 1 and 2 (more recommended)

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Hiring model

How does it work in practice?

(1) Hiring a professional 2 or 3 times a week.

(2) The client is charged for days of use of the professional. (R$/day)

(3) Monthly billing

(4) Operating model: in-person, video or hybrid

(5) Can be canceled at any time without fine and/or with the option to hire new professional profiles.

Always count on the advice of the DMS PARTNERS team of Senior Partners, specialized in the most diverse functional areas, industries and technologies.

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What are the main benefits?

In today's fast-paced business world, facing management challenges without adequate support can significantly limit your potential for growth and innovation. We know that each company has its own peculiarities and unique challenges, which is why our

Executive placement service is personalized to meet your most urgent needs.

Why choose DMS executive placement option?

▶︎ Reduction in Recruitment Time: a well-planned and structured allocation of executives can significantly reduce the time required. Speed for your business.

▶︎ Proven Experience: Our team is made up of experts with years of experience in various areas of management, ready to offer innovative and effective solutions.

▶︎ Customized Solutions: We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

Our services are tailored to meet your company's specific goals and challenges.

▶︎ Tangible Results: Our focus is to provide measurable improvements, whether in operational efficiency, customer satisfaction or profit growth.

▶︎ Partnership and Ongoing Support: More than just service providers, we consider ourselves partners of your business, offering ongoing support to ensure your long-term success.

Transform Your Management Challenges into Growth Opportunities!!!

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Still in doubt
whether or not to hire
a DMS professional?

We present 50 day-to-day scenarios that entrepreneurs know about, but have not yet prioritized: 1. **Agile**: How can the Agile methodology revolutionize your company's efficiency and adaptability, allowing for faster and more flexible deliveries? 2. **Value leverage**: Are you maximizing the value of each asset and resource in your company, implementing resource optimization and efficient management strategies? 3. **Supply chains**: Is your supply chain optimized to ensure efficiency and cost reduction, through the implementation of supply management and strategic negotiation practices? 4. **Competitiveness**: Is your company prepared to stand out in a highly competitive market, adopting innovative and differentiated strategies that increase your competitive advantage? 5. **Advisory Advisors**: How can guidance from DMS Partners' experienced advisory advisors, who have helped companies reach new heights, transform your business strategy? 6. **Brand Building**: Is your brand positioned to capture consumers' attention and loyalty using advanced branding and digital marketing techniques? 7. **Controller**: Is your company using the best financial control practices to ensure fiscal health, implementing continuous financial monitoring and analysis systems? 8. **Business development: markets / innovation / products**: Are you exploring new markets and innovating your products to ensure sustainable growth, through market research and innovative product development? 9. **Internal Process Diagnosis**: Are your internal processes optimized for maximum efficiency and productivity, using continuous improvement and process analysis methodologies? 10. **E-commerce**: Is your e-commerce strategy prepared to capture growing online demand, through the optimization of digital platforms and online marketing strategies? 11. **Engineering & Construction**: Are your engineering and construction projects being managed efficiently and within budget, using project management and cost control techniques? 12. **ESG**: Is your company aligned with the best ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices, implementing sustainable policies and social responsibility practices? 13. **Structure data**: Are you making the most of available data to make informed and strategic decisions, using data analysis and business intelligence tools? 14. **Cash Flow**: Is your cash flow being managed to ensure the liquidity and sustainability of the business, through effective financial management and cash planning practices? 15. **Investment funds**: Is your company prepared to attract and manage investment funds effectively, using fundraising and investment management strategies? 16. **Mergers and Acquisitions: Preparation, Execution and Integration**: Is your company ready to successfully navigate the complex M&A process using due diligence and post-merger integration techniques? 17. **Commercial Management**: Is your sales team equipped with the best strategies to maximize revenue, through advanced training and effective sales techniques? 18. **Negotiating new partnerships**: Are you exploring all opportunities for strategic partnerships to drive growth, using collaborative approaches and win-win negotiations? 19. **New products**: Is your company innovating and launching new products that meet market needs, through innovation and product development processes? 20. **New Services**: Are you expanding your service portfolio to capture new market opportunities, using diversification strategies and market analysis? 21. **Strategic planning**: Does your company have robust strategic planning to ensure long-term success, using strategic planning and SWOT analysis methodologies? 22. **Financial planning**: Is your financial planning aligned with your growth and sustainability objectives, using budgeting and financial projection techniques? 23. **Succession Plans**: Is your company prepared for a smooth and effective leadership transition, using succession and leadership development plans? 24. **Post merger integration**: Is your company ready to successfully integrate operations after a merger or acquisition, using integration and change management strategies? 25. **Cultural transformation processes**: Is your organizational culture aligned with your strategic objectives and values, using cultural transformation and employee engagement programs? 26. **Petrochemical processes**: Your petrochemical processes are optimized for and efficiency and safety, using process management and quality control techniques? 27. **Oil and gas processes**: Is your company making the most of opportunities in the oil and gas sector, using efficient exploration and production strategies? 28. **Chemical processes**: Are your chemical processes being managed safely and efficiently, using safety practices and process optimization? 29. **Sugar and alcohol processes**: Is your company maximizing efficiency in sugar and alcohol processes, using production management and quality control techniques? 30. **Productivity**: Is your company using best practices to maximize productivity, using continuous improvement and performance management methodologies? 31. **Loyalty programs**: Are your loyalty programs driving customer engagement and loyalty by utilizing retention strategies and rewards programs? 32. **Internal and external crisis management**: Is your company prepared to manage internal and external crises effectively, using contingency plans and crisis management? 33. **Culture Management**: Is your organizational culture promoting a positive and productive work environment, using cultural development and employee engagement programs? 34. **Strategic HR Management**: Is your human resources management aligned with your strategic objectives, using talent management and career development practices? 35. **Innovation Management**: Is your company promoting a culture of innovation to remain competitive, using innovation programs and new product development? 36. **Project Management**: Are your projects being managed efficiently and on time, using project management methodologies and schedule control? 37. **Health management**: Is your company promoting the health and well-being of employees, using occupational health and well-being programs? 38. **Corporate Governance**: Is your company adopting the best corporate governance practices, using transparency and corporate responsibility policies? 39. **Implementation of Action Plans**: Are your action plans being implemented effectively and on time, using project management and performance monitoring techniques? 40. **Industry 4.0**: Is your company prepared for digital transformation and Industry 4.0, using advanced technologies and industrial automation? 41. **Artificial Intelligence**: Are you leveraging the potential of artificial intelligence to drive innovation and efficiency using AI algorithms and data analytics? 42. **Marketing**: Is your marketing strategy capturing the attention and interest of your target audience, using digital marketing campaigns and market analysis? 43. **International market**: Is your company ready to expand and compete in the international market, using internationalization strategies and global market analysis? 44. **Changes in strategy and business plans**: Is your company prepared to adapt its strategy and business plans to market changes, using market analysis and strategic planning techniques? 45. **Negotiation with Banks**: Are you getting the best conditions in negotiations with banks and financial institutions, using negotiation and financial management strategies? 46. **Negotiating new financial structures**: Is your company exploring new financial structures to optimize capital, using financial engineering and risk management techniques? 47. **Revamping Sales Channels**: Are your sales channels optimized to maximize revenue and reach, using multichannel sales strategies and performance analysis? 48. **Scrum**: Is your team using the Scrum methodology to improve efficiency and collaboration, using sprints and daily follow-up meetings? 49. **Scenario simulation**: Are you using scenario simulations to make informed strategic decisions, using risk modeling and analysis tools? 50. **Digital transformation**: Is your company ready for digital transformation and the opportunities it brings, using digital technologies and innovation strategies?


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