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CS Strategic Management



Improve the performance and productivity of a CS system already in operation.


Why do CS strategic management?


  • Define the strategy

  • Develop an action plan to increase service

  • Implement the corresponding actions

  • Reduce costs

  • Improve performance and productivity

  • Improve service quality

  • Maximize the customer experience

  • Strengthen brand empathy with consumers

What are the main opportunities?


  • Align strategic goals with CS leadership

  • Properly dimension the team with training and process review

  • Maximize interpersonal experience

  • Debt recovery and unfinished sales

How can process management help?


  • At the time of contact, the goal is to solve the customer's problem (expectation)

  • Once the root causes are analyzed, a direct and objective analysis can avoid the repetition of the event

How can DMS Partners help you?


Our highly trained professionals with recognized experience in contact centers can support your company in identifying opportunities in serving consumers, offering our services in areas such as:

  • Measure consumer satisfaction through market research and NPS (> 75%)

  • Identify the service level

  • Reason for contacts: non-resolution, delivery, etc.

  • Identify the consumer's journey

  • Implement behavioral initiatives

  • Adjust management processes

  • Reduce the sequence of interactions

  • Understand the demand curve

  • Reduce service friction

  • Reduce costs through automation and self-service resolution


Contact Centers in the post-Covid-19 world

  • Remote + office hybrid model

  • Virtual assistance in the pandemic resulted in a large volume of assistance

  • New processes for remote workforce management (Burnout and loneliness)

  • Technologies to support remote processes

  • An exceptional customer experience is a competitive advantage compared to its competitors

  • Productivity is a differentiating factor in the face of a digital and dynamic world

  • Relationship and empathy strengthen the customer experience

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