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The organization's leaders and the post-pandemic world

Salvador Evangelista- Sócio DMS Partners

Different factors, such as being a reference for innovation or financial management, explain the success of successful organizations, but it is undeniable that there is a common element to all: Having competent and engaged leaders who lead them in the successful execution of strategies and established plans.

The task of ensuring that the organization is prepared and focused on delivering the defined goals is a constant challenge because the contexts that impact management, both internal and external, are permanently subject to change.

This challenge, universal and recurring, was heightened by the occurrence of the pandemic in the period 2020/2022, which caused important changes in the world of work, among which we highlight; (1) the acceleration of digital management; (2) the need for mindfulness for the well-being of teams, inside and outside of work; and (3) a greater requirement on the contribution of companies to solving society's general problems.

In the breadth and depth in which they occurred, these changes constitute, in reality, three simultaneous revolutions, whose impacts tend to be profound and lasting in the world of work and in society itself.

New strategies, new systems and processes will be necessary, as will a review of the internal culture itself. The organization's leaders, responsible for defining the path forward, will need to develop new skills and reinforce some existing ones, to be successful on this journey. Without this, the risk of failure is enormous and, consequently, leading the company to ostracism or irrelevance in the market.

In short, the role of leaders is crucial to the success of the transformation that companies are experiencing, or will experience, in the post-pandemic world.

If your organization is looking for alternatives to make this journey with excellence, count on the help of the People & Management team at DMS Partners. Formed by professionals with long successful careers in the corporate world, who constantly update their knowledge, it is fully qualified to support and inspire clients interested in building, or strengthening, winning organizations.

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