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Volatile economy and cash flow shielding

Julius Goldfarb - Partners DMS Partners

We are going through a period of instability in the Global Economy with direct impacts on the country's economy, with low economic growth, an increase in credit, inflation and interest rates that discourage new investments.

In this adverse scenario, how to guarantee the continuity of the Companies’ business, particularly small and medium-sized companies?

There is no magic formula to reverse the external variables hostile to the Companies' business environment, however, the internal variables must be of absolute control and consequently a firm pulse to lead the Company with security and prosperity despite this turbulent scenario.

In this context, it is a critical factor to pay more attention to cash flow and reevaluate Cash Inflows and Outflows, considering action plans for activities that result in an impact on the Company's cash flow:


- Diversification and expansion of the customer base

- Commercial organization

- Portfolio compliance and credit policy

- Adequacy of the financial cycle x operational cycle

- Optimization of available cash resources

-Application of own capital x bank resources


- Reevaluation of operating costs and expenses

- Purchasing policy

- Analysis of debt profile x payment capacity

- Debt x Balance Sheet Structure

- Rigor in the outflow of resources considering exclusively the Company's operational cycle

- Review acquisition of assets and investments

- Cash flow projection for 15, 30 and 90 days.

How can DMS Partners help your business?

- Divestment of assets

- Executive Mentoring

- Preservation and Maintenance of Assets

- Strategy and Brand Identity

- Exponentiating Sales

- Operational Optimization and Fiscal Opportunities

- Strategy in Practice - Direction and rhythm for strategic management

- PED - Dynamic Strategic Planning

- Value Leverage and VALUATION Plan;

- Market viability analysis

- Project Management Office - PMO

DMS Partners is led by a group of professionals who have held executive roles with recognized success in national and/or global companies, of different sizes and segments.

Professionals who lead or work on projects have proven experience in conducting and managing business operations in various industries and areas.

functional. Support management in an effective, agile, pragmatic and transformative way.

Count on our support in this effort to improve and grow your Company.

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