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Project Management Office - PMO


Management support instrument aimed at Organizations that need to control, analyze and convert invested projects into economic and financial results through the integrated management of their project portfolio and with the use of best practices and specific tools in order to keep them aligned with the company's strategic objectives.


Motivators for a PMO


  • Employ knowledge, processes, and tools for better control over the organization's entire project lifecycle

  • Gain better visibility and control over your project portfolio

  • Ensure the continuous alignment of these projects with the company's strategic objectives


What are the main benefits?


  • Direct efforts to support the company's strategies

  • Management and control of several simultaneous projects

  • Maintain an up-to-date set of project status and metrics

  • Employing well-established software tools (MS Project/Atlassian Jira)

  • Proactive attitude to keep projects on track and alert when schedule, budget or other risks threaten their success

  • Improved communication and transparency between projects and their stakeholders

  • Facilitate resource sharing across projects

  • Identify interdependencies between projects in a portfolio, allowing for broader management

  • Increase transparency, providing relevant information for better decision making

  • Better prioritization of projects and consequent allocation of resources and budget

  • Conduct projects within the boundaries of long-term planning


How can DMS Partners help you?


Our professionals are trained and with recognized experience in the management of business initiatives and can support your company in the following topics:


  • Hands-on management of business projects

  • Definition and implementation of a PMO agent to allow the creation and maintenance of a holistic view of the project portfolio

  • Definition, customization and training in project management best practices

  • Identification and review of corporate initiatives' governance and communication actions


DMS employs methodology from the Project Management Institute and the best tools and practices established by the market.


Market Vision

Keeping the business and project sides aligned while continually improving project performance is the main objective of a PMO as a business solution.


When the business environment and management priorities change, this PMO must react and reorganize project priorities as quickly as possible, so that the business always comes first.

Source: PMI (Project Management Institute).


For McKinsey, commitment is the most important success factor in a changing environment, and this is difficult to maintain in a major transformation without the support of an effective and capable project management office (PMO).


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